Antoine Guironnet

Postdoctoral Researcher

Antoine Guironnet (Ph.D) is a post-doctoral researcher in the WHIG project. As an urban political economist, he has researched the impact of the increasing integration of financial markets and the built environment (namely, financialisation) upon urban space and governance. In his thesis in urban planning (2012-2017), he compared two large-scale urban regeneration projects in the Greater Paris and Lyon areas, showing how the content of both projects were adjusted to meet the requirements of financial actors, but following different processes in terms of conflict and scale. As a post-doc researcher in the ERC “Urban revolution and the political” project (2017-2019), he then researched the role of major property fairs (such as MIPIM) and consultancies in the globalization of real estate markets. His results have been published in Urban Geography, Urban Studies, and Espaces & Sociétés. He also serves as book review co-editor at Métropoles.