Patrick Le Galès

CNRS Research Professor

Patrick Le Galès is the co director of the “cities are back in town” research group at Sciences PO and a fellow of the “Successful societies” programme” led by P.Pierson and M.Lamont for CIFAR. He is a corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, a former editor of the International Journal of Urban and regional Research, a past president of SASE (Society for Advanced Socio economics). His research deals with: 1. Comparative Public policy and the political sociology of the state; 2. with large metropolis (Sao Paolo, Paris, Mexico, London) and European cities (middle classes, governance, urban conflicts, mobility, economic development, inequalities); and 3. Economic sociology/political economy – the making of a market society and the sociology of Europe/UK. Recent publications include Globalizing minds roots in the city, upper middle classes in European Cities (2015); Reconfigurating European states in crisis, (2017), (Governando la ciudad de Mexico), 2018.