Prof. Dr. Tuna Tasan-Kok

Professor of Urban Governance and Planning

Tuna Tasan-Kok (B.A., MSc. PhD. Amsterdam) is Professor of Urban Governance and Planning in the University of Amsterdam. Her research mainly focuses on themes of urban governance, property-led urban development dynamics, and spatial organisation through social relations. She has initiated, coordinated, and implemented several internationally and locally funded research projects and has attracted significant research funding. Recently she was the Principle Investigator of a FAPESP-ESRC-NWO funded research project, PARCOUR-Public Accountability to Residents in Contractual Urban Redevelopment (completed in December 2018); and co-PI of an EU-funded research project named DIVERCITIES (Creating Social Cohesion, Social Mobility and Economic Performance in Today’s Hyper-diversified Cities), which explored the governance dynamics of complexifying diversity in cities (completed in February 2016).

Recent publications include Contradictions of Neoliberal Planning: Cities, Policies, and Politics (with Guy Baeten, Springer); Entrepreneurial governance: Challenges of large-scale property-led urban regeneration projects, Journal of Economic and Social Geography (Journal of Economic and Social Geography); Rescaling Europe: Effects of Single European Market regulations on localized networks of governance in land development (with Willem Korthals Altes, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research). She formerly worked at Utrecht University, KU Leuven and TUDelft.

Recent Amsterdam posts

Dynamic landscapes of spatial governance

Dynamic landscapes of spatial governance

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